Month-in-Review: March

Month-in-Review: March

You know I almost forgot to write this post but I’m thankful for the little reminder that popped in my head when I saw the date and realized my post was late. Better late than never though. So how was the month of March for you?

Let me tell you about mine (not like I have a lot to say anyway). It was my second month on the job and so I’m still adjusting and learning more about what I do. I also explored my new city a little more (explore in this place means I went to the mall and tried out a couple of restaurants). There are a lot of locally owned restaurants which I think is nice and refreshing for a change. I church-hopped throughout the month but I think I finally found the one for me. She makes me excited to wake up and go to church. One of my resolutions at the beginning of the year was to invest more in self-care and start making an effort with my appearance (I really could not be bothered prior), so I went and had my first pedicure in like 10 years, while I sat in one of those fancy-schmancy massage chairs and it felt sooo good.

In the spirit of self-love and enjoying my life

I also spent the month alone for the most part and just took time out to relax. Relaxing for me implies curling up on my sofa reading a book, watching my fave show or a movie, a bowl of ice-cream in one hand and a bowl of popcorn in another. In other words, I am chopping the life of my head (Nigerian slang loosely translated to mean ‘enjoying myself’). Life is too short, you know 😊. But I also took the time to analyze some decisions I made recently and set goals for the months ahead. In line with this, I decided to alter the focus of the blog and add a new concept I’ve been thinking about for a while now and I’m excited to see it unfold, so watch this space.

I cooked a lot too. That’s what happens when you’re bored and home alone; you get all sorts of weird cravings and don’t have peace of mind till you satisfy your cravings and eat that which you have been dreaming of all day.

Some turn up on Friday nights, I spend mine cooking 😀
Hosted some friends for dinner
Coconut Fried Rice + Gizdodo + Jerk Chicken :p

I went on a mini social media cleanse and reduced my active engagement on social media platforms for the most part of the month. It can be a bit of a distraction sometimes and I really want to focus on some other things this month hence the detachment. I still check in on Facebook intermittently (really to see my notifications) and am mostly back on Twitter but I am still off Instagram and Snapchat till further notice. I’m trying to protect my peace and be more productive. I also finished the book I started last month and am currently reading Homegoing by Yaa

Good read!  

Gyasi. It’s a pretty long book and I anticipate it’ll take me more than a month at the rate at which I’m going (I’ve barely read 200 pages in 2 weeks).The plot focuses on a family’s genealogy and how each generation is impacted by the slave trade starting from the Gold Coast (present day Ghana) before being transported to Jim Crow America. I’m one step closer to getting back in the gym; I’m checking out gyms in my area and plan to get my membership this week and my diet is gradually getting back on track. Fitfam loading! Summer body loading!! Leggoo!!!

I really cannot think of anything more to say as it really was a quiet, solitary and pretty uneventful month. My month has gotten off to a rocky start already, what with me having to drive 70 miles in piss poor weather (ice rain/snow pellets) and almost skidding off the road several times. My heart was in my mouth the whole time and I just kept saying prayers because I’m terrified of having an accident. Friends have also hurt me in the last month (they keep disappointing ☹) and someone said a particularly hurtful thing to me so I’ve been thinking about that and reevaluating my relationships as well. I’m learning to not be surprised by what people do or say (or don’t do or say). I’m also having some off days at work so my whole mood is quite dreary and the cold, gloomy weather isn’t helping. I’m still pretty excited to see all that the month has to offer and I’m looking forward to meeting more people in the new city.

How did March go for you? More exciting than mine I hope. What are your plans for April? Hope you crush goals and attain achievements in April.

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  • Nice one. I guess we all should learn that we cannot always please our so called friends. No matter how much we bend over backwards, some people will always say and do stuff to hurt us. So raise your chin up and keep going

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