Month-in-Review: January / Travel Diaries: San Francisco & Denver

Month-in-Review: January / Travel Diaries: San Francisco & Denver

January is over!!!! It honestly felt like it was never going to end.

Memes: In one meme of Michelle from Full house, she's pictured wearing a Happy New Year crown and it's too real because NYE feels like months ago but it was in January

I have decided to start a monthly review journal type thing where I talk about my month in review and discuss the lessons I learned each month. Starting with the first month of the year:


The first month of the new year. Finally, we got to the 31st. For some reason, January seems to go on forever and ever. So even though it’s only the first month of the year, it has been a whirlwind and so much has happened in one month. I’m ready for it to be over though, let old things pass away.

As I said in my New Year post, I wasn’t particularly excited and so I wasn’t eager to set goals, resolutions or anything like that. So maybe this is why I fell off some of the good habits I struggled to build last year. I stopped working out (I worked out only once this month  *cries in summer body may not be ready by summer), seeing as I wasn’t working out, I decided to stop eating healthy (the damage had already started, so I fell off the wagon and full on pigged out. I’m ashamed of myself); I lost my self-discipline and control and ate way too much ice cream for one month; I overindulged in social media and camped out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram more than I typically would. My prayer life suffered and I couldn’t seem to finish even one book. May our bad habits not be the death of us (read me).

January was a very awkward month for me as I was in transition from being a student to working full-time so I had so much time to kill. It’s been ages since I’ve had this much free time so I spent it laying around on my butt doing little to nothing. I caught up on TV shows I hadn’t gotten a chance to watch in school, did some shopping and traveled. I also spent a lot of time on the road driving back and forth from city to city and I look forward to doing very little driving next month. For instance, I drove almost 3 hours today and will likely be driving another 3-4 hours tomorrow. I’m honestly exhausted.

Speaking about traveling, I started a travel reel so please read my last post to see all the places I traveled to last year. This month I visited 2 new cities: San Francisco, California and Denver, Colorado. I loved both places and I will definitely visit again. It was nice to get away and do some touristy things by myself. This also caused me to do some introspection and face some ugly truths about myself. Operation do better in February! In Denver, I got to visit family members I hadn’t seen in ages which was a big highlight.

Landed in San Francisco at almost midnight. Exhausted but had to take one for the Snap!
My amazing host and friend of over 15 years <3
The San Francisco skyline in the cut.

Loved the history of this place


For someone who barely prayed this month, God came through for me and bailed me out of a deep, ugly pit of trouble I had dug for myself. I won’t say much about this but I sure learned my lesson and suffice it to say I will not be making some silly, careless mistakes again.

I’m grateful to my friend for a wake-up call a few days ago. Recently, I have been in a bit of a bubble leading me to start losing sight of my goals. I let my fears take center stage which has crippled and prevented me from living out my potential. I used the excuse of resting to lay about and do nothing instead of actually working. Get you a friend that tells you the truth and isn’t afraid to show you some tough love once in a while. I’m back working on my goals, more determined than ever. We move!!!

On friendships, I’m grateful for the ones I have, who helped me pack, and load a 15 foot moving truck to full capacity, traveled with me to another city and helped unload and move all my stuff up several floors, then helped me set up my apartment. I used to doubt that I had reliable friends, but these ones proved me wrong. In other words, I also moved to a new city this month and I start a new job next month.

My moving truck loaded to nearly full capacity by my friends and I

Lessons Learned

I didn’t touch on this in the main post but I learned to love myself selfishly and fiercely instead of looking for love in the wrong places and in the arms of the wrong people. My singleness is a beautiful gift wrapped with purpose and I am determined to maximize it. I am enough for now.

Other little lessons I learned with some context:  

  • Be more patient with people, circumstances, life
  • Be more assertive and stand your ground especially when you don’t agree with something
  • Be content with the little you’re given.  Do not be unnecessarily greedy
  • Do not involve too many people in your business
  • Do not get too comfortable and start taking things for granted. Anticipate change and be ready to deal with it when it comes
  • Think things through; your actions before you execute, your words before you speak, and your decisions before you make them
  • Tweet by Yours Truly

In short, January was a very long, eventful month and I really  appreciated the time off to de-stress. But I’m excited and can’t wait to see what February brings.

How did January go for you?  Do you have any plans for February? I’d love to hear from you so please share in the comments box below.



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