Month-in-Review: May

Month-in-Review: May

Guys, time is flying and I seriously wish I had the powers to slow it down even if just by nanoseconds. How is it already June? Like the first half of the year is almost over! I still remember saying happy new year just a few months ago and now we’re in June. It’s hard to believe. We thank God for how far we have come in the not so new year and the things we have been able to accomplish, no matter how little they may appear. I personally feel like I haven’t done much so I need to sit back and evaluate my priorities and goals for the year though especially as we are approaching mid-year. This way I can figure out how to close the gap because I determined that 2018 was going to be a very productive year for me.

May was a good month for me. I pretty much procrastinated on a lot of things throughout March and April but I finally started to put in some work in May and push through some activity. Things finally appear like they are falling into place in life generally and especially at work which is a huge sigh of relief because I have been confused and in limbo about several things over the past few months. Things got really busy at work and I have spent a significant amount of time working 50+ hour weeks and coming home doggone tired. But on the bright side, I’ve gotten a pretty good hang of my job and started owning more responsibilities. I’ve also gotten more friendly with my coworkers so I think it’s safe to say that I’m close to getting rid of the new girl tag *whew*

I did some exploring in my city and also traveled to another city. We had a public holiday on Monday and your girl just had to take advantage of the long weekend to go-an-adventuring. Traveling is a conscious decision I have made but still a privilege nonetheless. Every time I go on one of these trips, I am filled with a strong sense of fulfillment and peace. I honestly just love exploring and discovering the treasures around me, plus I learn something new about myself each time I travel. Ironically, even though I am always up and about, getting very little rest on my travels, I find the entire experience very energizing. So this trip was an amazing way to recharge after a hectic month at work and I had a wonderful time; travel diary coming up soon, watch out for it.


Looking through pictures, I realize that I always come off as happy and without worries. The truth is I have chosen to adopt a ‘live and let live’ mantra especially as I have little power to change the way my life plays out. I have a lot of down and unhappy days but to counter that, I try to do the things that offer me some form of happiness and fulfillment. Life is too short to spend it being unhappy about things that cannot be changed. So I want to use this to encourage someone to go do something, whatever it is that will give you some happiness. Worry less about the things you cannot change and focus on what you can.

This month was also graduation month. It was pretty emotional for me watching my friends graduate. I still remember vividly when they started and I watched them grow throughout their stay in school so it was very fulfilling watching them celebrate their accomplishments. I felt like a proud momma 😁. The downside to that is that I had to say goodbye to a number of friends who I may never see again, which made me sad. They are moving to different parts of the country and as the saying goes, we meet to part and we part to meet.

Not much else that I want to highlight other than coming to an epiphany about friendships and making decisions on who I call my friends. I decided I’m better off alone than forcing myself on people or forcing non existent connections with so called friends. After experiencing series of disappointments from ‘friends’ I least expected them from, I’m choosing to focus on the ones who have proved that they will always be there through hell or high water. It is these ones I will gladly stick my neck out for.

What I’m..

Reading: Homegoing (Been reading this book for the past 2 months because no time :(, but I must finish it in June by force by fire. Next on my list is Children of Blood and Bone. My friend has been raving about this and it looks promising from the little I’ve read of it so far so I hope to delve deeper as I get time.

Listening to: Brymo’s Oso, Adekunle Gold’s About 30. I’m a huge alternative music head and these are 2 of my favorite artistes ever. Currently savoring the awesomeness that are these albums
Watching: The Handmaid’s Tale. Just started this and I’ve found it very intriguing so far. MTV Shuga and Rumor Has It are both finished so I’m looking for new YouTube recommendations. Might give Accelerate TV’s Corper Shun a try just because.




So how did May go for you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section. I wish you a very productive and blissful month of June. May good surprises come your way <3

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  • Beautiful piece. The month of may was a rollercoaster emotionally and mentally. Finally finished from university and I had to say my semi-final goodbye to them. About to take step which will better my life or future. Am scared but ready.

    • Awww congratulations on finishing university. That’s a great achievement you should be very proud of. And it’s okay to be scared. At different points in life, we have to make these scary decisions without really knowing what the future holds. Take a deep breath, follow your heart and let go. Eventually when you look back, things will add up.

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