Month-in-Review: April

Month-in-Review: April

It’s the end of another month. I honestly don’t know where the year is running to, we only have 8 months to go in the year, which makes me nervous as I am nowhere close to achieving any of my goals for the year. I am however super grateful for the gift of life and the grace to be alive to witness a new month.

This month, I was reminded again that life is transient and the breath in my lungs is a privilege. On the 10th, I received horrible, unexpected news that one of my high school classmates passed away. I hadn’t spoken to him since we graduated and had since lost touch with him but I knew he was somewhere in the world. We weren’t exactly friends but we were in the same class so I was pretty familiar with him. I struggled to accept it was true and kept hoping somehow that there was misinformation somewhere until I saw pictures from his funeral confirming my fears. I don’t have all the details but as far as I know, he was a healthy 26 year old who went to bed and didn’t wake up. This really hit close to home as we all go to bed every day making plans for the next day, week, month, year but yet, tomorrow is not promised. I was in shock for days and just kept praying to God for peace to accept because my mind couldn’t fathom it. My heart goes out to his family and loved ones, because I cant imagine what they are dealing with now :(.

In other news, my April was pretty uneventful and I spent my time mostly shuttling between work, home and occasionally, the mall when cabin fever crept in. I haven’t made many friends here so I don’t really have people who invite me out to do stuff. The most eventful thing I’d say I did this month was going to St. Louis; go read my post about it :D. Besides that, I was cooped up indoors for the most part watching TV, reading a book or yapping away on the phone to friends. Thankfully, the weather has finally started to warm up so I look forward to going on long walks to explore the neighborhood around me. One sunny Saturday when the sun momentarily decided to grace us with its shiny head, I visited Abraham Lincoln’s former home; just for the fun of it. The city I live in has so much history and is full of old, very historical architecture which I find very fascinating, so I am saving up to buy a camera and soon I will be walking these streets taking as many pictures as I can. I love buildings, especially shiny, glass skyscrapers and other historical edifices; while I’m not much of a photographer, I really enjoy capturing the beauty in these buildings.

Abraham Lincoln’s home

I finally started working out again!! It’s taken my body a while to adjust but I’m slowly getting there and am trying to build up my resistance again. I’d rather work out in the morning than in the evenings especially as I am too tired to do anything besides eat and sleep once I get back from work so the real struggle is getting up in the morning to actually go work out. I am also now trying to be more conscious of what I eat, when and how much I eat. I can’t be working hard to burn those calories only to put them all back on. I have had some slip-ups I’ll admit, but I’m working hard to build discipline.

In other news,

What I’m Watching: The Handmaid’s Tale (I just started it and I find it quite interesting); She’s Gotta Have It; The Grapevine TV (just discovered this channel on YouTube and I need an entire post to discuss the amazing content they have); Jenifa’s Diary 😀 (my guilty pleasure)

Who I’m Listening to: Albums – African Gentleman (Ric Hassani); Make Room (Jonathan McReynolds); Oso (Brymo); Other playlist staples – Simi, Todd Dulaney, Tasha Cobbs, Travis Greene

What I’m Reading: Homegoing (Started this last month and will probably finish in May)

I hope to God that May is so much more interesting which it should be because, Summer! I will get out more and am currently looking for volunteer or other opportunities to serve in the community around me as this will give me an additional sense of purpose. I also hope to start working on some personal projects, God willing. I’ve gotten myself an accountability partner which is super important because otherwise, I will keep procrastinating. Get yourself one too if there’s something you need to do but can’t muster the motivation to. I hope to make more friends this month as well. So many ‘hopes’ I will work to translate to reality.

I pray May is a good month for you and brings you closer to achieving your dreams. May your life not be cut short prematurely.

Happy New Month! Stay Productive x

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  • Beautiful. This is dear to me because i also lost a classmate of mine when i was in school and it hurt.
    You speak the truth about your activitues which in my opinion is marvelous.

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