Happy Birthday + July Month-in-Review

Happy Birthday + July Month-in-Review

Last Thursday, I turned a year older and beyond gratitude for being alive, I feel a strong sense of purpose and renewed energy. For the last few months, I have had little to no motivation to do anything and was going through a dry season or phase so the renewed energy I feel now might just be because it’s my birthday. Either way, I am excited and blessed. No longer a girl unsure of what she wanted to do or who she wanted to be, I am a woman confident in myself and can hold my own wherever I go. I will not wax lyrical about how much I have grown in the past year, you can read my growth series reflection piece on that.

But permit me to ramble a little bit in this post. This will also double as my month-in review post. July has been all over the place for me, in fact the entire year has been one kind; somehow. I started this month with motivation to shoot for my goals. I realized it was the middle of the year and I hadn’t achieved anything. I feel like throughout this year, I have just been in a daze with little direction, just taking each day as it comes. I have gone through a myriad of emotions and recently realized that I am going through new bouts of insecurity, self-doubt and lack of confidence; all things I had conquered at different points in my life in the past. This year, I have beat myself up about some of the choices I made, how much time I wasted and how I would be in a better place if had chosen better. Then I dealt with questioning myself and my personality forgetting that I am a unique breed who was not made to be like everyone else. I was born to stand out and for as long as I can remember, something has always set me apart. Very recently, I dealt with discontentment in my life dwelling on how far I am from where I want to be deterring my entitled self from celebrating my accomplishments thus far and the blessing to be where I am today. But of course, I know better now.

Because of my insecurities, I have also struggled with creating content for the blog. I am rife with ideas and I have a whole lot I want to write about but I find myself stuck in a rut questioning who would want to read my ramblings and my unsolicited opinions then I end up not writing. You see this thing called vision is very powerful but equally scary. I learned from Steven Furtick to not let the vision be subject to how I feel about it but to let the impact and size of the vision guide me. Obviously I didn’t listen because I am still making the same mistake. The vision I have for this site scares me and cripples me from even doing anything. As I turn a year older, I reflect again on what I have done and what I have the potential to do. I can do and be a lot more. Thankfully, I was reminded of this over again this month by loved ones. After listening to the phrase multiple times, I have decided to do it afraid.

I have also come to realize that we all have our insecurities and, as young people still dealing with the ‘adulting’ phase, are dealing with similar issues. Some of just do a better job of concealing our struggles and packaging our lives to appear better than they are. We will all be fine in the end, we just need to help and support each other by being open about what we ourselves have dealt with and are currently dealing with and guide others as best as we can so they learn from our missteps. That is one of the goals of the blog.

One thing I am proud of however is that I faced a big fear and started a YouTube channel. For a long time now, I have wanted to start a platform to provide information for potential students seeking admission in the US and it was one of my goals for the year. I found a good partner who shares the same passion and together, we birthed Naija to America – a channel that aims to provide information and guidance to the young African student or professional looking to immigrate to the US of A. Please check out our channel and remember to like, comment and subscribe 😊.

In summary, I don’t have much to say about July except that it was a good month. As with every other month, I had some not so good times as well as good times but it was still great. My birthday month is my favorite of the year anyway and I had an awesome birthday celebration(s) :).

This is my attempt to keep the post short and sweet but do share your thoughts in the comments below.
Wishing you good news, joy and light in the month of August.

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  • ❤this is lovely. This spoke to me because this August has been a roller coaster for me. I love this post and it speaks to the general public about the mental warfare that happens in upstairs in our thinking chambers. We all make mistakes and blunders in life but you told me not to beat my self up when I said the same to you. We all live and learn. Pursue your dreams at your pace honey. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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