EoE: The Story

EoE: The Story

This post is intended to form the foundation for how and why this blog came to be. I have had a personal blog since 2011 which served as an outlet for my thoughts as well as a place to document stuff going on in my life and the rare fiction story. I then set up another one, more private and more like an online journal, where I poured out my deep thoughts, desires, fears, dreams etc. I never promoted it and very people even knew about it. I eventually merged both blogs and reduced the personal content on the blog.

Over the last year, my life’s journey has been become much clearer and I’ve come almost full circle from the person I used to be. However, of what use is growth if you can’t share lessons learned with people who could understand as well as those who could benefit from what you share. I realize that as individuals, we all go through a never-ending growth process, and while some people may realize they are growing and changing, some others don’t really notice the changes and just take things as they come.

For me, I have learned to embrace the trials, tribulations and temptations I face daily and try to draw lessons from them where necessary instead of resenting the situation. This requires a lot of introspection to determine what’s really going on and what I can do so I feel better about the situation. It’s pretty easy to write this in words but in reality, it is actually very difficult to practice. As human beings, I doubt that our first instinct in distressing situations is to reflect and try to draw inspiration. In that moment, we are typically too upset for that and take out our frustration in different ways. The learning process usually comes afterward. When I started doing this deliberately, I learned so much and felt drawn to sharing some of what I’ve learned through this blog as a means of helping people who may need this. But of course, I had to get over my self-consciousness about what people think of me and my writing and just do it anyway. I really enjoy writing but I haven’t harnessed the gift as much in this context and this blog is another way to get me to write more for others to enjoy. So, part of this is for me too and I’m glad I now feel confident enough to share what I have within me.

I hope you’ll check out the blog regularly and enjoy the content. Thanks for reading.


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